Luxury hotels with retreat and gym at Östermalm - Stockholm

Our favorites

Take a well deserved break from everyday life and check into a hotel with wellness and retreat in Stockholm city. Enjoy a weekday or weekend where body and soul are in focus with total relaxation with exclusive treatments. Plenty of hotels in Stockholm offers retreat and wellness are at the center of your well-being. We list our favorites located in the magnificent Östermalm.

Villa Dagmar 

Nybrogatan 25-27, Östermalm

The best in skin care, beauty and holistic health

At Villa Dagmar you will find a relaxing Spirit & Retreat. Here, your body, mind and soul can get a much-needed break, relaxation or a quick workout in their modern and well-equipped gym.

Dagmar Spirit & Retreat is a close collaboration with Mia Hjalmarsson who is a recognized homeopath and offers the best in skin care, beauty and holistic health. Here our guests will find classic favorites as well as innovative treatments with spiritual elements. A place where they look at the whole and the holistic idea that body and soul belong together.

Gonghealing & Soundbath

Dagmar Spirit & Retreat also offers a unique form of sound therapy. Gonghealing & soundbath is based on the premise that you are a collection of vibrations that lose rhythm when illness occurs. When atoms, cells vibrate, this rhythm and frequency is balanced. Sound and vibration travel more efficiently through water and when you are at 70% it affects every cell in your body and pent up emotions are released. These vibrations will then release energy from past experiences. A valued and unique form of healing recovery. Read more about gonghealing & soundbath here.

Gym and personal training

The equipped gym, gives the opportunity for personal training with some of the country’s leading PT’s as well as crossfit, strength training or relaxing yoga.

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Hotel Diplomat

Strandvägen 7C, Östermalm

Luxurious retreat and hammam at Strandvägen

Enjoy a moment of relaxation in Hotel Diplomat’s cozy Retreat on elegant Strandvägen 7C. Here you can find everything you could want for a relaxing moment – Hammam, dry sauna, much-needed treatments, fully equipped gym and even a nail technician.


The retreat at Hotel Diplomat Retreat has a close collaboration with Mia Hjalmarsson and therefore offers the absolute best in skin care, beauty and holistic health. Here, our guests are offered favorites with everything from classic facials and massages, as well as innovative treatments with dermapen and PRX treatments. A place where we look at the whole and the holistic idea that body and soul are one. See all our treatments here.

Fully equipped gym & personal training

The fully equipped gym, offers modern fitness  machines and a full range of dumbbells and equipment that enable a really good workout. Book a session with one of our personal trainers to get the best out of your training.


As a hotel guest, you can book a private session in the retreat,  All guests have free access to the  fully equipped gym.