Photographs by Åke Lange

Hotel Diplomat invite you to the exhibition of Åke Lange’s photographs in The Gallery. The exhibition was on view from October 21st until November 27th 2022.


About Åke Lange

The photographer Åke Lange was born in Stockholm on July 19, 1909 and became very early interested in art and photography and already in his 20s was employed by photographer Herman Bergne in Stockholm, he quickly advanced to head of Bergne’s portrait studio. In 1935, Åke Lange opened his own studio at Kungsgatan 27 in Stockholm, where he became successful as a fashion and portrait photographer for celebrities of the time in theatre, film and fashion, he was often hired as a still photographer by the major film companies and picture magazines. A highly noticed Lange photo is of a 20-year-old Ingrid Bergman from 1935, which was purchased by the National Museum. Åke Lange grew up on Södermalm in Stockholm and because he never got a driver’s license he became a wanderer in his city which he immortalized through his camera.