Fabian Edelstam

VELVET was the title of the renowned Paris-based artist Fabian Edelstam’s enthralling exhibition at Hotel Diplomat.

The exhibtion was made in collaboration with Pierre Hagströmer / Pierre & Peter’s and consists of 21 eclectic, anachronistic works in mixed technique on canvas. Photography and painting in a mosaic technique are characteristic of the artist.

Fabian Edelstam has, among other things, been inspired by the aesthetics of the 18th century in many of the portraits of personalities from history that are displayed in the exhibition.

“VELVET” emerged in Paris during the months when large parts of the world was under lockdown as a result of the prevailing pandemic Covid-19. Against this background of quarantine, the need for escapism became urgent.

Fabian Edelstam is a graduate of Beckmans School of Design and the Accadémie de la Grande Chaumière. He has been active in Paris since 1990, with an international career and represented in collections on five continents.

The exhibition was on display in The Gallery between the period 1 st October and 20nd of November 2020.