The Gym


Hotel Diplomat’s gym and fitness centre is open daily from 6am–11pm. It features the latest exercise equipment from Life Fitness, a full selection of free weights and other fitness tools, as well as towels, a minibar stocked with mineral water and a room for stretching and yoga.

Book an hour in our gym, or outdoors, with our personal trainer Anna Parrow. After the session you will receive a program of exercises based on your body weight and your own potential so that you can continue exercising by yourself during your stay.

Anna Parrow is a licenced instructor and personal trainer and has previously engaged herself in classical dance at the Royal Swedish Opera, gymnastics and acrobatics. Anna is tailoring individual workout programs based on strength, posture, balance, movement and coordination.

Personal training is booked directly through Anna Parrow, +46 (0) 70 845 65 06