Meet the chef

Stefan Superti, Hotel Diplomat’s Executive Chef, took a liking to cooking already as a young boy. The decision was triggered by a mere serendipity – his mother found an ad for a restaurant school in the newspaper. Stefan applied, and the rest is history.


Hi Stefan! Why did you really decide to become a chef?

My father has these stories about his life as a waiter back in Italy. When I grew up I went to Rome to better understand my heritage and the Mediterranean culture. The meal is quite another thing in Italy, you see. You live to eat – not the other way around. Cooking has always been a great part of my life.

Can you brief us shortly on the concept in the kitchen at Hotel Diplomat?

We have guests from all around the world, with their individual preferences. These are some of the reasons why, lately, we have been focusing on smaller dishes, both Swedish courses and international, so that our guests can taste not one, but several different things from the menu, and for a reasonable price. We are also trying not to focus too much on technique but to intensify the natural taste of the commodities we use. Our key words are simplicity and quality – we tend to use most organic and locally produced commodities and they are, almost without exceptions, better in taste.

What does it take to become a good cook?

Listen to trends, but don’t necessarily follow them. You have to taste your own food while cooking, and you better enjoy working in a kitchen. Not all chefs are like that.

This is the kitchen that never sleeps. How do you do it?

That’s true – we are open all day and all night. It might sound like a cliché, but we work as a team. Every person in this kitchen has their own unique position, now that most of us have been here for long. Each person needs to feel good, or it won’t work.