Färgglatt konstverk

Wolfgang Lehmann

February 9 – March 31

The exhibition, Landscape and Symmetry, displays the work created by Wolfgang Lehmann 2012-2017, and shows photographs from the artist’s fascination for landscapes, cities and his obsession with overlays. Behind every image is usually multi exposures and Wolfgang himself refers to his work as process-photography, as the result of his photographs is often a painterly image.

Wolfgang Lehmann, born in Germany 1967 and currently living in Stockholm since 2006, is a lens-based artist who creates video, installation and photography. Wolfgang’s work has been exhibited at several great and meaningful museums and events/festivals such as; Kuryokhin Center in St. Petersburg, Museo Lazaro Galdiano in Madrid, MoCa Museum of contemporary art in Shanghai, New York film festival and many others.


Five Stars

We are proud to announce that we are now a five-star hotel! Over the past year we have worked extensively towards our goal; to become five-star star in January, 2017. Each department in the hotel has been analyzed thoroughly and new procedures and routines have been implemented to assure the high level of service and quality at each level.

We look forward to your next visit and hope that you will enjoy your stay with us!



Feel-Good Flames

The most wanted Christmas gift is, without doubt, our scented candle. Relaxing scents of wood and almond, added with lavender, rose and orange bloom will fill your home and spread that well-being feeling. On sale in the Reception.



Tin for Tea

Most problems can be solved over a cup of tea. In time for Christmas, our classic blend of black and green leaves and a light smokiness, is now available in a beautiful tin featuring our facade. Invite a friend to a relaxing moment over a ‘cuppa’ or buy the beautiful tin for the ultimate Christmas gift. On sale in the Reception.



Childhood & Happy Plugs

Not all children enjoy a happy Christmas. By donating to Childhood, you give hope to less fortunate kids. By buying Happy Plugs earphones, on sale at our Reception, you both give and get a nice gift to give to another child.

Visit Childhood

Utrotningshotad apa med mörk bakgrund

Tom Svensson

24 November – 29 Januari

A thought-proviking exhibition of captivating photographs in illuminated plexiglass. Light in the dark by Tom Svensson revolves around our endangered species and how we  can make a difference. The exhibition is on display to support Wildhood Foundation and all profit from the sales of the photographs will be donated to Wildhood’s work to fight poaching and illegal trafficking of wild threatened species.

Renowned conservation photographer Tom Svensson was born in Denmark and grew up in Sweden. Tom lives in Fjällbacka and is dedicated to the work of conservation. As a Canon Explorer ambassador he travels the world to document the poaching and illegal trade in endangered species.

Read more about the exhibition at Wildhood

Earphones with gold details on dark background

YNOIR Earphones

YNOIR’s earphones are now on sale in our reception! A combination of modern technology and the craftsmanship of fine jewelry – the earphones are available in yellow, rosé and White 18-carat plated gold. Choose between exotic names like Cool Grey, Deep Blues and Warm Orange.


svart/vita Konstfotografier på öar

Oskar Ohlson


Art & Documentary Photographer Oskar Ohlson, born in 1965 in Stockholm is now showing his work from exciting adventure expeditions to four different islands; Madagascar, Cuba, Gran Canaria and the island of Gotland, which are all old islands of Pirates. The exhibition, currently on display at Hotel Diplomat, is a tribute to the Classic black/white art photography, in the form of unique painterly silver gelatin copies.

The exhibition is on display in our Lounge 19 May – 30 June, 2016

Fotografi på flickan i pärlörhängena

Kristina af Trolle


Recently graduated from Berghs School of communication, French/Swedish Kristina af Trolle presents impressive photographs in her debut exhibition at Hotel Diplomat. Inspired by Old Masters such as Rembrandt, Courbert and the La Tour, L’Obscurité Éclairé is an exhibition of extraordinary photo portraits.

The exhibition L’Obscurité Éclairé is on display in our Lounge April 13-May 11, 2016