Kristina af Trolle


Recently graduated from Berghs School of communication, French/Swedish Kristina af Trolle presents impressive photographs in her debut exhibition at Hotel Diplomat. Inspired by Old Masters such as Rembrandt, Courbert and the La Tour, L’Obscurité Éclairé is an exhibition of extraordinary photo portraits.

The exhibition L’Obscurité Éclairé is on display in our Lounge April 13-May 11, 2016

Karl, Cocktail Barman

Meet our Cocktail barman Karl Shuman who has taken over our unique and intimate cocktail bar, located on the first floor of the hotel. Karl moved to Stockholm in 2010 from Charleston, South Carolina, where he performed as a professional touring musician for seventeen years. Having a Swedish mother, Karl learned the language during his summer vacations spent in Sweden. When an opportunity arose for Karl to work at Hotel Diplomat, he accepted graciously, left America and never looked back.

We thank Karl for his fantastic contribution to Hotel Diplomat and we are grateful having such a positive and loyal coworker in our team!


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Ask the front desk and they’ll assist you!

Childhood 2016

We are delighted to announce our continued collaboration with Childhood in 2016!

Entering our second year as a supporter, we are proud to contribute to the meaningful work of World Childhood Foundation to prevent abuse and exploitation of Children.

Our support to Childhood 2015

In 2015, our collaboration with Childhood gave support to over 100 project in 16 countries, Sweden included. Childhoods meaningful work aims to protect children exposed to a violent and damaging environment, giving them support and assistance. In previous year, 2015, our support contributed in the following ways:

-A clear reduction of corporal punishment in South Africa.
-Provided support for children, victims of sexual abuse offering therapy with animals.
-Children living on the streets, who are victims of, and committing crimes to support themselves, have been given help in Sweden.
-Roman children living in Latvia, have been able to attend nursery school as other children. -Giving support to children and women victims of the earthquake in Nepal.
-Providing a program including therapy to boys in Cape Town with destructive behaviors, coming from abusive families.

We look forward continuing our support with World Child Foundation in 2016!

Technical Issues

Due to technical issues we have experienced problems with our email server and have not been able to receive or send any emails since yesterday morning, Tuesday 16th.

The problem is now resolved, however, if you haven’t received an answer to your email, we kindly ask you to re-send you inquiry to or for reservations.

We’re opening a new hotel

It was made public the 2nd of February that Hotel Diplomat is opening a new lifestyle hotel with restaurant, bar, food-bar, cocktailbar and deli in connection to Östermalm’s Foodhall spring 2018.

Diplomat’s little sister will be housed in a warm, vibrant and cosy environment, offering top quality ecological, locally produced food and excellent service.

With 71 rooms and suites, spa and conference, the new hotel will be a complement to Diplomat on Strandvägen.


Valentine´s Day Menu

Celebrate Valentine’s Day in T/BAR! We´we put together a specially-composed Valentine´s Day menu that will be served February 13 & 14.

Toast Pelle Janzon
Grilled Lobster, Bearnaise, grilled lettuce, parmesan cheese, french fries
Peach Melba

450 SEK/person

Book your table at

Alla Hjärtans dag meny

Den 13 & 14 februari serverar vi en specialkomponerad alla hjärtans dag meny i T/BAR

Toast Pelle Janzon
Grillar Hummer, Bearnaise, Grillad Hjärtsallad, Parmesan, Pommes Frites
Peach Melba

450 kr/person.

Boka på vår hemsida eller via email:

Varmt Välkomna!


Monday 2 May at 6 pm, sommelier and wine connoisseur Martin Ingeström makes an exclusive guest appearance at Hotel Diplomat and takes you through a tasting tour of the Austrian Vineyards. Martin will share his knowledge of grapes and districts from one of the most exciting wine regions in the world. We will indulge in a five-course menu and taste remarkable sparkling, white, red and sweet wines.

Dinner and wine tasting will take place on the first floor in Blå Salongen, with its magnificent view of Nybroviken.

Please note that places are limited.

Book at