Johanna Wulff


Swedish photographer Johanna Wulff has spent the last three years portraying working artists who haven’t retired from their endeavours despite reaching the age of 80. Her idea is that artists are driven by their creativity and would rather die than give up their work. Fascinating and touching art.

The exhibition Fortsättarna is on display November 26 – January 6 2016

Brooks Kraft


An American presidential campaign provides political games and entertainment in almost equal parts. Brooks Kraft is the photographer who for many years have covered the White House as well as campaigns for politicians on the way there. For the first time outside the US borders are now displayed a unique selection of Brooks Kraft photographs – at Hotel Diplomat; the exhibition is curated by Gallery RALF.

In the campaign depiction one can detect shifts between mass meetings of almost religious dimensions and face to face meetings with indivudual voters. The United States strongest symbols and distinct traditions have their rightful place in the rhetorical language. The exhibition can be said to be at the same time documentary as a comment to this media dependent circus. Strong, stylish and exciting. Welcome to experience it with your own eyes and take part of the events and characters in the great American political drama!

The show runs October 15 – November 25  2015


Pop goes Stockholm: The Return – by Manou

Hotel Diplomat is proud to present the Iranian artist Manou. Manou Marzban grew during the 70s up in the building that nowadays houses the Hotel Diplomat; He is the son of the Iranian ambassador whose residence was located here. Now Manou returns as a full-fledged and internationally acclaimed artist with a wide range of influences. He gets his inspiration from politics, history, film, music, cartoons… He has been called “the Persian Banksy”. His thoughtful and imaginative art provides energy and awakens curiosity.

Svenska Dagbladet

T/BAR is a hotel restaurant but definitely stands on it’s own. The timeless decor and the meticulous care makes Krogguiden [=the editors] thrive . . . The menu characterises a classic kitchen. There are honest and safe compositions without eyebrow-raising tricks. The chicken croquettes arrive exemplary newly-fried, the duck liver terrin is served at the perfect temperature, and the crunchy hazelnuts and sweet-sour pear marmelade perfectly complement with texture and taste.


“The warm atmosphere and the helpfulness of the staff, are aspects that many guests acknowledge as the most prominent advantages of Hotel Diplomat. The personalised service has been a long-standing vision at the hotel. This familial and personal feeling is made possible perhaps by the fact that the hotel is owned and operated by the same family since start, and the Malmströms have owned and maintained the property since 1917. The hotel has over the years attracted many loyal visitors, who see the hotel as ‘a second home’.”

Fabian Edelstam

Hotel Diplomat and Pierre & Peter’s Interior proudly present a collection of unique artwork by Fabian Edelstam in this year’s big exhibition. Hazy Amber Days is an exhibition consisting of eclectically depicted portraits, executed in a pixel / mosaic technique, and where the artist revisits the Swedish 1700’s but also draws inspiration from modern icons of today. In this colourful whirlwind, we also notice Nils von Dardel (Fabian Edelstam great-grandfather), Grace Kelly, the Supremes, Brigitte Bardot and a few of the artist’s unique travelling souvenirs from Japan.

The exhibition Hazy Amber Days is being displayed May 21 – June 14 2015.

Di Weekend

“Celebrity spotting and pleasure on the high street … The hotel is owned by the family Malmström and the address is just as fashionable. The feeling of luxury appears immediately. We check in, leave the bags in the room and sit down on the terrace with a glass of champagne to catch what might be this year’s last warm afternoon sun…”


Our contribution to a sustainable world is supporting local actors and to continuously prioritise locally cultivated Swedish produce and MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) certified fish. Today we strive to serve 100 % eco friendly and organically grown fruit and dairy products on our breakfast buffet.

Voyages d’Affaires, France

“From the outside, this ancient private property resembles a hotel at the Croisette of Cannes. Inside, it‘s salons breathe an intimate atmosphere with stucco and Neo Doric columns. Located at Strandvagen, most of the hotel’s 130 rooms offer views of the prestigeous boulevard’s adjacent quay.